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We’ve put our heart and Seoul into it and brought Korea’s favourite snacks to the London streets


Keep it fun, keep it tasty and ALWAYS keep it crunchy


Fiery, savoury, street food perfection

About Myungrang Hotdog

Myungrang Hot Dog first began in a small market near Korea’s Pusan National University in 2016 and it has become the No. 1 Hot Dog brand and a household name in Korea. Having sold more than 80 million corndogs and with more than 650 shops internationally, it is now available in the UK!

Myungrang means cheerful, playful, and bright in Korean. Our goal is to provide cheerful and delicious experience after each bite of our signature snacks!

We use premium ingredients and the expertise to serve a truly authentic Korean street food experience.

Myungrang Wimbledon


7 Wimbledon Bridge, London, SW19 7NH

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